Sifuentes Language Solutions and Sifuentes Interpretation & Translation

Sifuentes Language Solutions (TX)


Sifuentes Interpretation & Translation (NM)

We are a local group of certified/licensed court interpreters from Texas and New Mexico providing interpretation and translation services in Spanish<>English and Arabic<>English (and other exotic languages) by native speakers of their respective languages. We mainly cover Texas and New Mexico, but we are willing to travel for international assignments.

Interpretation and Translation agencies contact us to provide services their clients hire them to provide. Those agencies keep a percentage of the costs. The client receives the same services whether is by hiring those agencies or by hiring us directly. Of course, by hiring us directly, our clients save the percentage the brokers charge for finding us and hiring us. 

Some of our clients include:

United States District Courts

Blue Law International (US Department of State contractor) at the

International Law Enforcement Academy in Roswell, NM.

FBI, CIA, Department of State

New Mexico State and County Courts

Worker's Compensation

Amarillo Independent School District

Hale & Dixon, PC

Fadduol, Cluff, Hardy, & Conway, PC

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services

Brent Coon & Associates

Atkinson-Baker, Inc.

New Mexico Ninth Judicial District Attorney's Office

New Mexico Fifth Judicial District Attorney's Office

New Mexico Public Defender Department

Texas Commission for the Blind

Keleher & McLeod

Civerolo, Gralow, Hill & Curtis, PA

Thompson & Kerby

Trenchard & Hoskins

Autrey Legal Solutions


Some Our Language Solutions Experience

For SPANISH: (Leading the Spanish Interpreter Group)

Jesús Sifuentes, B.A.

Texas Master Licensed Court Interpreter

New Mexico Certified Court Interpreter

NM Certified Mediator

-Staff Interpreter at the County of El Paso

-Former Member of the NM Language Access Advisory Committee/Appointed by the Supreme Court of New Mexico

-Based in El Paso, Texas

-Born and raised in Mexico

-Attended Eastern New Mexico University

-Attended Texas Tech University

-Spanish Instruction (ENMU & Texas Tech)

-Law Enforcement (ENMU)

-Case Management (Early Childhood Intervention)

-Customer Service

-Retail Management (Walmart)


Mohamed E. Ali. Ph.D.

New Mexico Certified Court Interpreter

-Attended Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt

-Attended University of New Mexico College of Arts and Sciences

-Former Member of the NM Language Access Advisory Committee/Appointed by the Supreme Court of New Mexico

-Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico

-Born and raised in Egypt

-Former UNM Professor of Arabic Language and Literature

-Translator for the Supreme Court of Ohio

-Translator for the CIA

-Instructor of Arabic for the FBI

-Interpreter/Translator for the US Department of Energy

-Interpreter/Translator for the US Department of State

-Translator/Voice Over for films

-Interpreter for the New Mexico State Courts