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Language Services

The most common language services we provide are related to the Judiciary.

Other services we provide are Community, Education, Government Agency, Social Service Agency, and Private Sector related, among others. We also provide interpreters for Native and Exotic Languages.




Criminal and Civil Court Hearings


Read and Sign​


Polygraph Examinations

Witness Preparation

Language Consultation

Expert Witness Testimony

Transcription Translation of Sound and Video files



TRANSLATION (and Localization)

Transcription Translation of Sound and Video files

Legal Documents

Police Reports

Professional Writings

Common Language Writings






Interpretation and Translation of:

Psychological Evaluations


Social Agencies' Services & Sessions

Medical Appointments

Medical Reports

Developmental Assessments

Individualized Family Service Plans for Early Childhood Intervention Programs

 Individual Education Plan for School Districts

Transition Meetings

Workers Compensation

Professional Meetings


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Court Hearings

Attorney/Client Privileged Information is better protected by having a Private Interpreter at your table.
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An accurate interpretation or translation by a knowledgeable interpreter means an accurate record to present in court.


A mediator conducting mediations in the participants' native language is the best option for avoiding a misunderstanding. Next to that, an interpreter native to the participants' language.


There are different types of conferences in different fields. From Texas Commission for the Blind to Law Enforcement Academies, each requiring an interpreter with different set of skills.
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All meetings are important. Some of them may deal with planning services or course of action; and others deal with complaints or controversies. Having an Interpreter will help avoid further misunderstandings due to language.


As any evaluator knows: Culture influences the results of the evaluations. This is more evident in psychological, polygraph, or social evaluations such as home studies.


Native Speakers of a language can easily tell where the voiceover actor was from on a dubbed movie since languages have dialects or regionalisms. Dr. Mohamed had the opportunity to do an Arabic voiceover project for the film The Men Who Stare at Goats, starring Ewan McGregor, George Clooney, and Kevin Spacey.


Disputes over understanding what one person said in a foreign language is commonplace in the courtroom. Transcriptions and Translations from 911 calls to traffic stops to police wiretaps will be done by Court Interpreters who are native speakers of the language in question and will testify certifying the accuracy of the translation.

Document Translation

Understanding the legal jargon used in court documents is difficult enough. Adding the fact that they are in a language you do not speak, read, or write can be overwhelming for anyone. Motions for Discovery, Interrogatories, Waivers, Mediation agreements, and Witness Statements, to mention a few, need to be in your native language for litigation.